Reply To: Vin number tag missing



In our records, that Serial number belongs to a 1937 P-A 1703 EDL owned by a member in Washington.  The serial number plate is usually on the frame to the rear of the RIGHT front tire.

What Model and Body Style is your car? 8 or 12 cylinder? Also, what is the engine number you have? On 8cyl cars, the engine number is stamped into flat area on left side of block in upper center, just below the cylinder head to block joint. On 12 cyl engines, stamped into flat area, right rear of crankcase behind rear cylinder. This number is stamped across the rear of the crankcase and may require a mirror to observe.

The firewall tag and front passenger compartment tag are likely the body number. It should be something like 000-x-000.

I know at one point reproduction Serial Number plates were made. I do not if they are still available.