Reply To: Parking brake ratchet 1929 143 5-Pass. Dual CowlTouring



Your new parts should fit 1929 all, and early 1930 Model C 3 speed transmissions. It will not fit 1930 3 speed’s with free wheeling as the e-brake handle and the arch of the ratchet are different. I checked and it looks like the mid 1930 4 speed arm and paw is the same if you have the ( herring bone tooth) transmission. This is what is in my 1930 Model B. The late 30 and 1931 4 speed transmission, may be the same but I do not have one to compare to my other 3 transmissions on the shelf. Then comes the early over drive in late 1930… It is no wonder Pierce went out of business using 5 transmissions in 3 years!