Reply To: Radiator Neck Inner-Diameter?



Nearly 3 years ago you and I were emailing back and forth about a Pierce Arrow Dogbone I bought on ebay. If you would like all of the information that Bob measured I can send to you.

Here is what my friend Bob came up with back then. I can email you everything I have if you would like. It was a lot of work to rework the dogbone. Bob went way out of his way to make it work for me. The Delrin Cap I bought off this site had the incorrect pitch for my Series 80. It was slightly off and Bob reworked that one so it would fit my Pierce. Below are the measurements that Bob came up with.

The Dog Bone that I bought on ebay is the 14 thread. It measure 2.095. I was originally thinking to grind the dog bone down and change
the pitch to 16 so I could use it on the Pierce. Bob did wind up cutting the threads off and putting a sleve on that worked great. I believe I have the correct measurements if you would like to have them please email me.