Reply To: PAS Gathering at Gilmore 2021


Also had a great time at Gilmore in spite of  summer cold and the heat and humidity.  Matter of fact, think that the heat and humidity is what kcked out the cold.  Had a COVID test on the Michigan border and was negative, and if it was positive, I would have turned tail back home.  Had a good time driving Dave Stevens 1933 1247.  Limited myself to one book at the Gilmore book store this year, and I swear that you all must have held some sort of prayer meeting for me on Sunday after I took off for home.  No sooner did I get home I received a telephone call from Noah Stutzman that my wheels were ready for pickup.  Back off to Ohio to get them, and the workmanship is flawless.  He even showed me where the previous wheelright had peened part of the wheel to try and tighten them up.  So now my car is not only bespoke but respoke(d)!