Reply To: Best driving Pierce Arrows.


A ’32 is slightly lighter than the same body style in ’33, and significantly lighter than a ’36.  Generally, a lighter car is more nimble and easier to steer and stop.  And of course will accelerate better.

As Roger Bise wrote, it is important for freeway or fast highway driving to have an overdrive or high speed gears in any of the models.. A 1936 has a factory overdrive.

As a testament to Pierce Arrow: a 1936, due to a very stiff frame, and heavy body is like a vault on wheels. And inspite of it’s weight, due to the gearing and overdrive it drives like a car a lot lighter than it is..  I prefer the smaller ’32 and ’33’s but they all drive very nice if the suspension is in good condition.

An 8 cylinder engine is lighter than the V12, and this affects steering effort and overall performance. So while a V12 is a more powerful engine, it’s greater power is at least partially consumed by the added weight.   I like the 8 cylinder engines for their relative ease of repairs and lower complexity.

Greg Long