Reply To: ’32 vs ’33 8 cylinder exhaust


As Ed Minnie said: they are completely different systems:

A ’32 has the exhaust manifold outlet at the front of the engine, and the first of two 45″ [I think] mufflers begins at about the center of the engine.  Yes, the ’32 model 54 has almost 8 feet of muffler.

A ’33 has the exhaust manifold outlet at the center of the engine, followed by a short 16″-18″ long ‘resonator’, then a short ‘S’-shaped or dog-leg pipe, followed by a 60″ straight through muffler.

The cross members of the frame are different and the different systems would not bolt up on the wrong model year frame/chassis.


One important note:  The ’33 and later exhaust manifolds are a bit ‘delicate’ or fragile where the exhaust pipe is bolted onto the manifold.  The three small ‘ears’ that the bolts go through and hold the pipe, gasket and flange in place can and do break off easily.  This happens when the exhaust pipe does not fit the angle of the outlet PERFECTLY.  So make sure that you install just the exhaust pipe alone to check to see if it is aimed correctly back towards the mufflers.  You CANNOT ‘correct’ any miss alignment by ‘just tightening the three bolts’.. you WILL break off an ear or two from the manifold..

I like to install a short flex pipe in the system just behind the 95* bend in the exhaust pipe.  I have enclosed the flex pipe inside a ‘faux-resonator’ so the modern flex pipe is not visible.  Do what ever you can to prevent having an uneven stress on the mounting ears for the exhaust pipe.. good unbroken ’33 exhaust manifolds are getting scarce.


Greg Long