Reply To: Rear window shade


Marcus has my shade, after looking at it said the opaque materials available now are too thick and the choice would be translucent silk with a hem or he could try coating the silk to make it opaque and come closer to the original.

I opted for the uncoated silk. My Packard rear shade was done with translucent silk and I found it comes in handy for night driving. Without 2 position rear view mirrors you can pull up the shade and kill the glare from the headlights of someone behind but can still see them.

I think this may have been done “back in the day”. My Pierce was confusing in that it had two rear shades, the one hidden behind the upholstery panel and another sitting on top of the rear seat. That shade is translucent silk but not long enough to cover the whole window. Either the original owner lost the shade behind the upholstery when the tassle broke, or maybe used it for night driving?