Reply To: Must move the battery cut off switch



I am just curious, why did you replace the two Optima batteries?

Did they discharge beyond their ability to recharge?

Are they ancient?

I ask because an Optima 6V Red Top should be good for between 8 & 10-years.

I did the same a few years back, but that was for a weekend when I needed to run he car.

I had left the ignition ON!    EESCH!

My two charged up within a few days and the standard NAPA wet-cell 6V battery is now on the shelf awaiting my next screw-up.

I now have two Optima batteries in my battery box, but only one is hooked up and the other sits idle as a backup.

You might want to put them on a serious charger (NOCO Genius-10 –

Again, I am just curious.

Good luck!