Reply To: Sidemount question


It is more complicated, as the actual dimensions for any given size were not standardized. I found that Lester 700:17’s were small enough to fit in my Packard sidemounts, Denmans definitely not. I assume that the Lesters conformed to the original size put on the cars at the factory, perhaps less expensive. Coker used to publish the actual dimensions of each tire in their booklet, but I haven’t seen one in years. The diameter of the Lester was something like 1″ smaller and the width of the tread was about 1″ smaller than Denman. The narrower tread of the Lesters also behaved better on my Packard with less rut following but probably didn’t last as long. I think many of the tires are no longet produced. Perhaps a call to Coker could get dimensions of currently available tires.