Reply To: Gas Tank Shroud on my ’31 Model 42 5P Sedan


Bill, I have a 31 Model 42 Phaeton and I did remove the gas tank to remove the shroud.  I found that there were nails where the heads only held the shroud in place. I don’t know if that is standard or not.  I suppose if one pulled hard enough one could slide the shroud out but then you would have the problem of getting the shroud back in place and properly captured when you reinstalled it.  Removing the gas tank is a bit tricky but not hard.  You can unbolt the straps which hold the tank in place allowing the tank to sag a bit. That will allow you to get to the vent hose which I needed to remove to maneuver things around the exhaust. Once the vent hose is off, there are “pins” that hold the other ends of the straps in place.  Those can be pulled out and the tank will drop straight down.

Good luck,