Reply To: Sidemount question


I had a similar problem.  When I bought my 1933 1236 EDL, it was equipped with a set of 17.5×17 tires.  Since the tires were about forty years old, I opted for a new set of BF Goodrich tires.  When I pulled the metal tire covers off of the spares, I was surprised to see that the spares were 17.0×17 tires.  I swapped two of the new tires out for the smaller size, and they fit tightly in the wheel wells, and I had to deflate them quite a bit to get the metal covers on.  I had a discussion last year with several people on line here about this, and they explained that the profiles of the tires have changed over the years.  Several sources indicate that all 1933 Twelves had 17.5×17  but the Maurice Hendry book indicates that the 1236s had 17.0×17, while the 1242 and 1247s had 17.5×17.  So, I’m using the 17.0×17 just as spares and not in normal tire rotation.  Still waiting for the wheels to come back from Stutzman, so I won’t make the PAS National, but I hope to be at Gilmore in August.