Reply To: Proper Finish For Natural Wood Artillery Wheels


Well, I got the wheels off of the car, loaded them in the pickup, and went hell bent for leather down to Noah Stutzman’s shop in Baltic, OH.  What a nice gentleman!  He showed me his operation, and will let me know when the wheels were done.  I talked to him about finishing the wheels, and he was pretty much in favor of sealing them sooner rather than later.  The humidity changes in the Midwest can be very severe.

One man at Bob Lederer’s shop recommended using a product called Clark’s Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer on the wheels, a two part sealer.  When I went to the manufacturer’s website, most of the recommended uses were for deteriorated wood, so I contacted them and asked their advice.  They suggested using their MultiWoodPrime sealer on new wood. It soaks into the wood and seals it.  I still have to look into the Cuprinol.

At this point in time I think I will probably be at Hershey, but driving modern.  I have a driveshaft to drop off from Scott Stantsy’s shop and I really don’t want to miss you guys.  I was thinking about giving Tom a call when I flew through Cleveland, but I was running late and wanted to get home.  As it was I left for Baltic at 0430, and didn’t get home until 2330.  I was dead tired….too much construction on I-80!