Reply To: refitting vent window


Yes, the vent windows are a pain to get to work correctly.  When everything was new I’m sure they were fine, but a bracket which bears all the force and made out of some mysterious pot metal after 80 years isn’t always a good combination.

How many people need H rubber now?  If I could get 8 or 10 orders could make another run of it. This was specifically made for rear vent windows 34/35, would fit other years, and if I had it to do over again I’d have used it in the front vent windows too.  The Steele rubber just seems too thick.  The H legs need to be cut in appropriate places, it’s a little work but not difficult.

Cost would be $125 per 15 foot length, which includes shipping in Continental US.  I have none now, just asking if there’s more interest. David Coco Winchester Va.