Reply To: Proper Finish For Natural Wood Artillery Wheels


Thanks to all for all of the advice on the wheels.  I’m running them over to have the tires dismounted this morning, and then I will have to call Stutzman to see if they will be open this week during the Easter Holidays.  Right now, I’m not anticipating bringing the car this year as I don’t think I’ll have everything done in time for Hershey, but still plan on coming.  It’s not the end of the world, and this way it will allow me to accept David Coco’s invite to ride in his beautiful tourer.  I got drafted as a driver last time.  I don’t consider any of the advice irrelevant, as there are issues with these things that I would have never thought of.  Hopefully, I might even drive the car to Gilmore in August.  Everything mechanical is done, outside of the wheels I just have to touch up some paint chips.

Tom, thanks for the advice on the varnish.  How are you coming along with your cars after that terrible incident.  Was Bob Lederer able to help you?


Ken Muellner