Reply To: Series 80 top questions



That is a very nice Series 80, DeLuxe Sedan!  A Great Car!

I love its original condition and color.  Excellent!

The material on your top looks like naugahyde (thick) and not what the PAMCC installed.

The tacks holding it on look to be the size of dimes, well, smaller, but they are still pretty big.

I will take a look at mine later today, or tomorrow, and send you a photo or two.

The original material was a lizard skin style material, or something like that pattern of material.

Regarding the drip edge, well, I’ll look at that later and determine if I can determine how it is attached.

You also seem to be missing the front windshield visor.

Do you have that piece?

There are a bunch of Series 80 Boys in the PAS, so I am confident others will chime in!

More later.