Reply To: The Optima RedTop 6V Battery Deal Starts on 22 March


Hi Peter,

Our Post Office is rural and won’t deliver to a street address and will return to sender if so addressed. UPS and Fedex deliver to my door but won’t deliver to a PO Box address. I inserted the address that UPS and Fedex have used to bring me my packages for 25 years and google spit it out. We have a grid system that issues house numbers according to how they show up on a map. It’s 6 numbers. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere the fire dept. knows exactly where you are. In tracts , the house next door’s number has no relation to the one next door. I am using the number the previous owner gave me that he had used since 1964. The grid number system had been initiated before I bought the house, so I tried to find out what it was. I went to the water dept. and county assessor, no luck. I still have no clue what it is and I continue to use what the previous owner gave me, and it hasn’t hurt me until now.

I inserted: 100 Pine Circle   Westwood, Cal. 96137      It rejected it and gave me 5 choices below the rectangle that I had put my correct address in, and none were my address or one that would work.

I’m beginning to think google is discriminating because of the color of my skin.

So , Im hoping that somebody at Optma can take a call from me and can bypass the system that will not allow UPS (or?) to have my street address that Amazon uses successfully umpteen times.

Sorry to bug you,

Tony C.