Reply To: Proper Finish For Natural Wood Artillery Wheels


Thanks for all of the info guys.  I had asked Noah if he could varnish the wheels but he declined, saying he doesn’t want to tie up the shop space that long.  I was hoping to bring my car to Hershey this year, to introduce it to the PAS, but the timing here just would not work that well.  I hope to get the wheels to his shop next week, or considering the Easter weekend, the next week so it appears that I might not have the wheels back in time.  Can I put the unfinished wheels back on the car without damaging the wheels?  One oddity about my car is that the 4 road wheels are 17.5 x 17’s while the spares are 17.0 x 17’s.  Due to garage space considerations as well as parking in the city, I’ve decided to just do the 4 road wheels at this time.  I put the spares on the right side of the car, backed the car into the garage in its space against the wall, and took off the left tires and left the left side on jack stands.  Considering I’m not going to use the spares in rotation on the road, just use them as spares, it’s probably all right if they’re a little wobbly.  Considering what David said about waiting a couple of months before varnishing, it would probably be August before I would be varnishing them.  I’d like to take the car to several local shows during this time, so I’m a little concerned about damaging the wheels by using them during this remoisturizing time.