Reply To: 1936 1602 v12 Not Charging: How to test generator


I went through the same experience with my 36 several years ago. Problem was an improper regulator. A universal regulator will burn up you generator. Regulators are either A circuit or B circuit. I found the proper regulator at Steiner antique tractor parts. I charge at 7.1 volts with lights on at fast idle. Voltage output can be set while car is running. Amperage is set by moving the third brush. I f you want the info I can dig out the proper part number. Call me at 479 414 6107 if you need the info. I was in the dark for so long and even generator people didn’t know. All the people who knew this stuff in the day have been dead for 50 years. Regulator was about $40. This will fix it if generator is charging.