Reply To: Smoke damaged interior


Very sorry to hear this happened to you, as you state, the worst nightmare.

I’m going to be the naysayer on this, and say get a new interior.  That’s what you have insurance for, to pay for losses, and in my mind the interiors are lost.

Even if you cleaned the broadcloth, and even if you were able to get the smell out, there are still springs and seat frames that will rust, and padding that will probably mold from the moisture.  If cardboard paneling was used in the interior, even if it was “water resistant”, it will warp, doors and quarter panels.  You have water all in the doors and behind panels, anyway, so all that mechanism and structure will rust or rot or develop mold,  so panels need to be removed regardless.

I had an engine fire once that damaged my phaeton, took a settlement and fixed it myself.  Big mistake.  If it were to happen now, I’d take the car straight to a restoration shop which was approved by my insurance company (also Hagerty, I like them), and say call me when it’s finished.

Just my two cents.  By the way, people need to start signing names and cities when they post, for some reason the forum isn’t showing who’s doing the posting.

David Coco Winchester Va.