Reply To: King-Seeley Water Temp & Fuel Gauges 🙄


@JimC and @DaveW – I bought the ’32 54-Club Sedan that was advertised in the Emporium, recently. Spent a good bit of time with the seller on the phone, email and photos. I flew to Chicago last weekend to see the car in-person and drive it. As a comparo, there’s a ’33 V12 Club Sedan on offer in Wisconsin. I drove there to check it out and take it on the road. Nice car, but I like this particular ’32 better.

The ’32 is a nice car and surprisingly, there weren’t any suprises – yet 😏. I’ve learned to never buy a vehicle from photos – unless I’m the one selling, then my photos are detailed enough to make a reasonable assessment.

My initial plans are a routine service and any things I might see that I can do so that when (hopefully) I’m at the National meet, I will have none, or minimal issues during the week. Detail the undercarriage a bit. Maybe the engine compartment a tad. Or not. The water and fuel gauges definitely need repair – they ain’t workin’.

Where can I find or purchase a parts manual?