Reply To: King-Seeley Water Temp & Fuel Gauges 🙄


I had a leak in the gas tank on my 1933 1236 right where the fuel line came out of the tank.  The KS Telegauge indicator was not working either.  I brought the car into Bob Lederer’s shop, and they pulled the gas tank, cleaned it out, repaired all of the seals, and replaced part of the fuel line that had been repaired with a piece of old air hose that had rotted out (!).  Upon inspection of the Telegauge system, it was found to be operational and the shop put in new fluid, and the gauge seems to be working fine now.  As far as the Telegauge water gauge, it was one of the first things that Scott changed on the car.  He felt it was too unreliable and the water temperature was too critical an item to be left to chance.  It was replaced with an “old look” SW temperature gauge.