Reply To: Help me understand the ‘33 front end


Scott Stastny redid the power braking system on my 1933 1236 before he passed away.  The brake drums and linings were like new, but the clutch in the power braking system was shot…I virtually had no brakes when hitting the brake tredle.  Scott had the power brake clutch relined with Kevlar, but after getting it back from the shop he made circular spirals on the clutch face to keep too much oil from collecting on the clutch face as he believed it would cause some slippage.  I can attest to the power of the power brakes, and when switching from one car to another, I really have to be careful with stopping.  It is easy to hit your head on the windshield if not careful.  I have driven both my car after repair, and Bill Morris’s 1934 roadster, and both have the same characteristics when stopping.  Great system.