Reply To: Conductive grease on terminals


Reviving an old thread, here…

Back when I was actively restoring vintage tube radios, jukebox amplifiers and tube Hi-Fi equipment, I learned of a couple of products made by Caig Labs.  The first is DeoxIt. This is a unique contact cleaner that removes oxidation. This stuff was the magic bullet on irreplaceable late 20’s and early 30’s carbon volume controls that were noisy and scratchy. 30+ years later, these still work like new.

After using the DeoxIt, then I apply the DeoxIt Shield. This improves the conductivity of the connection and keeps further degradation from occurring. A tiny bit goes a long way. What’s different about these chemicals, than Stabilant 22 is their lubricating qualities makes them better in environments where the contact has to be mated and unmated or if there’s movement or vibration present. Further, when the connection is unmated, and re-mated, there’s no need to reapply the DeoxIt Shield, which is different than the Stabilant.

Caig also makes a range of greases and marine greases with unique properties, although I’ve never used any of them.