Reply To: Help me understand the ‘33 front end


@David & Diana Stevens  – thanks for the insight on the S-W braking system, Dave. I just figured that all drum brakes on early passenger cars were marginal – they have been on any of the cars I’ve had previously, compared to modern, of course. As a side question, did racing cars of the era have a system like the S-W, super soft linings, or just lousy brakes?

On the worm drive, when did Pierce move away from ring & pinion? Was the ’33 worm drive a one-year change, then back to a conventional rear end?

@Jim Chase – thirty years !?! Yikes – time’s a wastin’. The kick shackle, on the ’35 Packard I had, I think that was called a ‘trunnion block’ – the setup with 4 springs on it, no?

Thanks, everyone, for helping to educate a P-A +noob+. 😏