Reply To: How to remove rear wheel on a Series81



Heat is usually the key.  Keep the puller on and heat and cool and reheat the hub.  Ideally heating it with a torch works fastest but of course you run the chance of paint damage, otherwise use a heat gun. It takes a long time to heat the entire hub.  Keep the pressure on. While you’ve got it heated,  give the outside end of the puller center bolt some good hits with a hammer, often times the hub will pop off.

I have heard that loosening the nut a little and driving it around with the puller on sometimes works but I have never tried it.

I noticed in your photos that the axle nut is not on the axle.  When you are using a wheel puller, you should leave the nut at the outer end of the axle threads.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that the tapered end of the center bolt can swell the end of the axle and you won’t be able to get the nut back on.  The other reason is that many times when the hub breaks loose, it does so explosively.  I have seen a pulled brake drum come off and fly completely across the shop and leave a dent in the far wall.

Good luck, let us know what finally works.