Reply To: Calling all early car experts!


This car is a Stevens-Duryea 1911 Model AA. They cost $3,500 when a 36HP Pierce cost $4,000. The Stevens had  404 cubic inches and 128 inch wheelbase while the smallest Pierce (36HP) had 386 cubic inches and a 125 inch wheelbase. I believe the Stevens had a 3 speed progressive transmission (my memory has failed me before) and the Pierce had a 4 speed one. Fifteen hundred Stevens were built in 1911. They were offered in a four cylinder Model X, the Model AA 6 cylinder, and the 6 cylinder Model Y, a 142 inch wheelbase, 478 cubic inch $4,000. They were known for their fine handling and great engineering. I’ve had the pleasure of riding in Harvey Harper’s 1910 Model Y, 2 1910 Model X’s, a 1915 Model D and a 1907 Model U. There are 4 1911 Stevens-Duryea’s listed in the HCCA Roster. One is a Pebble Beach 1st place winner in my local HCCA Club. If my love for the make has moved you, one 1910 Model X 4 cylinder is on sale at Hymans Limited for $179,500.