Reply To: Engine assembly sequence



Thank you for the kind words. I enjoy hearing about people with operational cars, but for the moment I don’t have that.

I have bead blasted the valves. I have an assortment of PMC and Eaton valves and picked out the best from the ’33 and the ’35.

The ’33 has the lowest miles and I think the valves were the original PMC ones. All the Eaton ones came from the ’35 so I don’t know if that tells a story or not.

The interesting think about the valves is the slot in the head of them. It allows for a tool to be inserted to grind the valves.

The egg beater looking thing is a valve oscillator.

You put a light spring on the valve stem then insert the valve in the guide with grinding past on the face.

The spring allows you to lift the valve and redistribute the paste.

You insert the spade blade on the beater into the slot in the valve and start turning the handle.

It is geared so that as you turn the handle it automatically oscillates the valve clockwise then counter clockwise.

Saves having to use the sticks with rubber cups that you have to use the spinning between the hands fire starting skills from Boy Scout days.

Still have a couple with out the slots that I will have to do the fire starting wafy.