Reply To: Engine assembly sequence


Put #6 in, alignment was good.  I was looking to get the channel from the oil gallery to the #6 cam bearing cleaned so I took off the right angle fitting at the back of the block and it was completely blocked as was the channel to the #6 cam journal. This block had been hot tanked the old way about 30+ years ago, but I had it retanked after it was surfaced. Notice the rust coming out of the block. That thing in my hand is the right angle fitting that I just took off the block. No oil going thru that baby. I had to drill thru all the junk blocking the gallery.

I guess the lesson is don’t trust that your galleries are good unless you personally check them. The channel to the cam bearing appears  to be between 1/4 and 5/16 so I ordered a bore brush that will do .30 caliber up to 8 mm.