Reply To: Engine assembly sequence


Cam bearing are all out and was able to save the end plug. #6 cam bearing, which is the one at the rear has an oil hole that you have to line up but it is located at 9 o’clock looking forwards, not at 6.

I ordered a couple gun cleaning kits to clean out the oil galleries. The main one runs down the water jacket side of the block and feeds all the cam bearings. I had to order 2 kits to get enough of the treaded together rods to go the total length of the block. This kit is for 20 and 12 ga shotguns.

Here is the assembled rod laying on top of the block below the valves.

I started with the 20ga as it measured the closest to the galley bore. Then followed up with the 12ga. I got a lot of rusty dust and debris. This is the front of the gallery.

Rear of gallery

I will use the white swabs and use some sort of rust remover to get the gallery clean. Then I will run my endoscope down it to make sure there is nothing left.

Next is the side galleries that go to the bearings.

That will take a different brush, but the nice thing about gun cleaning brushes is they go from .17 or so on up so you can get a very close match to the gallery size.