Reply To: Gauging Interest – Series 80 Speedometer Housing Reproductions


Hi friends, wanted to give a quick update on the project. I received the first casting from Dale Strittmatter in Minnesota. Aside from a minor core shift issue in the clock region, the casting looks great so I’ve given Dale the go-ahead to do the larger batch. I’m hoping to get 20 castings before his pattern wears out. The machining is complete on my first unit with the exception of the 3x #00 drive screws to fasten the black faceplate, and the 6x #3-48 screws to fasten the bezel. I created machining jigs for each of the operations which should help move production along nicely. I am going to black anodize my first unit to see how the appearance is; if acceptable, I will anodize all of the units in black.

Big thanks to Greg Long for getting me a clock (mine was missing) and to George Teebay for lending me a faceplate!