Reply To: Source for braided fuel lines


Bill, From the pictures, I can’t tell if these are metal braids or cloth braids on the hoses.  If metal braids, check out SWAGELOK as they have stainless braid hose, 1/2 inch inside diameter, 37 degree bevel (flare) fittings and 12 inches long (P/N:  SS-CT8AS8AS8-12).  I have dealt with the Raleigh NC office for several years and their service is excellent.
Another source (perhaps with cloth braid, if that is what you need) may be Raleigh-Durham Rubber and Gasket. I have purchased custom hose and gaskets from them in the past and they carry a wide selection (Web: ) (Raleigh Phone: 800-662-7577).  Good luck with your project. Herb