Reply To: Engine assembly sequence


Ultrasonic cleaner arrived today. Plugged it in and nothing happened. Hummm.

Took a panel off and found an unattached wire, plugged it in and off it went.

It is a 6 gallon and works with a variety of solvents. I am using Simple Green Concentrate I got at Home Depot. Makes about 13 gallons I think and is biodegradable.  The solution gets dirty in a hurry. I got it basically to clean delicate parts but I think I will use it instead of my parts washer to clean greasy/oily parts. If you are trying to do rust removal you would need a different solution.

Seems well made for a Wuhan product. It has a digital heater and timer. Came with a basket and lid. 300 series Stainless it appears.

I put the cam retainer flange, which was very greasy, in for 10 min. Here is before


And here is the after. Probably could have left it in for longer. It does a great job of cleaning in threaded holes and bores. Might throw the tappets in later today. Even cleans around the casting numbers.