Reply To: Movie Pierces


My only claim to fame, is that I rode in Tyrone Power III’s teens Pierce-Arrow. It was owned at the time by Roland Zilmer, who sold me my first Pierce. Roland owned at least 5 Pierces. His oldest was a 1911 Model 36, purchased from Jordy Carlton who had 40 (?) cars. It was a basket case. Jordy took an unfortunate boat trip to Mexico. His boat was found floating and was burnt to the water-line without the three supposed to be in it, anywhere to be found. Roland showed the ’11 Pierce at Pebble Beach. Somebody failed to show, so at the last minute Roland was invited to fill in. Roland had been a collector since the ’50’s and had never owned a trailer. He drove the Pierce from Burlingame, Ca. to Pebble Beach and back (at least an hour and half  one way in a modern car, which are the speeds he drove it at).