Each year, the Pierce-Arrow Society presents several awards to recognize the finest examples of restored and original Pierce-Arrow products attending the Annual Meet.  First, second, and third place awards are presented to the three Pierce-Arrows in each of several classes judged to have the highest scores in keeping with the Pierce-Arrow Society judging standards.  In addition to the three awards for each judging class, the Pierce-Arrow Society presents the following special awards:

The 1000 Mile Badge

The 1000 Mile Badge was introduced in 2000 to recognize all members that drive their Pierce-Arrow over 1000 miles, one-way, to attend the Pierce-Arrow Society Annual Meet. This award was added due to the large number of Pierce-Arrows driven long distances to attend the Annual Meet. The need for this award is a true testament to the quality and reliability of Pierce-Arrow Motor Cars. See all 10 recipients of The 1000 Mile Badge

The Bernard J. Weis Trophy

In honor of the outstanding contribution Bernie Weis has made to the Pierce-Arrow Society as editor/publisher from 1963 to 2005, the Bernard J. Weis Trophy is awarded to the most authentically restored Pierce-Arrow judged at the Annual Meet. The Weis Trophy replaced the Vanderveer Trophy as the Pierce-Arrow Society''s top award in 1992. See all 28 recipients of The Bernard J. Weis Trophy

The Clara Follis Memorial Bicycle Award

Since 2010 the Clara Follis Memorial Award has been awarded to the best restored Pierce-Arrow bicycle at the Annual Meet. Clara Follis was a long time collector of Pierce-Arrow bicycles. She was a pioneer in restoring Pierce bicycles to factory standards. Clara performed much of her own restoration. Clara also dedicated herself to reproducing necessary parts such as, proper decals for Pierce bicycles. See all 7 recipients of The Clara Follis Memorial Bicycle Award

The Eric Rosenau Award

The Honor of the Arrow Award was initiated in 2009 to recognize Pierce-Arrows displayed at the Annual Meet that are past winners of the Vanderveer or Weis Trophies. This special recognition is to encourage Pierce-Arrows winning the Society''s top judging award to be maintained in excellent condition far into the future. See all 25 recipients of The Eric Rosenau Award

The Henry E. & Pauline S. Becker Trophy

The Pierce-Arrow Society Long-Distance Trophy, designed by Del DeRees was first awarded in August 1975, to the member who drives a Pierce-Arrow the farthest distance one way to the Annual Meet . . . the winning car determined by mileage driven multiplied by the age of the car. The trophy was restored in 2007 and updated with the names of all winners since its inception . . . the permanent trophy resides in the Pierce-Arrow Museum. Since 1991, a long distance trophy, a silver tray, has been awarded in honor of Henry E. (Gene) & Pauline S. Becker, who drove their 1917 Pierce-Arrow from their home to the Annual Meet for 40 consecutive years. See all 60 recipients of The Henry E. & Pauline S. Becker Trophy

The Otto Klausmeyer Distinguished Service Award

The Otto Klausmeyer Distinguished Service Award was introduced in 1986 to honor a member of the Society who has served the Society in an outstanding manner deserving of special recognition. The Klausmeyer Award is named for Otto Klausmeyer who provided invaluable technical, mechanical, and historical assistance to the Society and its members for over 27 years. Mr. Klausmeyer, a Studebaker engineer intimately knowledgeable about Pierce-Arrows, died in 1985 at the age of 86. See all 29 recipients of The Otto Klausmeyer Distinguished Service Award

The R. Vale Faro Trophy

In 1981, the Pierce-Arrow Society adopted an award to recognize the preservation of original, unrestored Pierce-Arrows. The Most Original award was renamed The R. Vale Faro Trophy in 1988 in honor of the founder of the Pierce-Arrow Society. The R. Vale Faro Trophyhas been awarded since to recognize the most original Pierce-Arrow displayed at the Annual Meet. See all 37 recipients of The R. Vale Faro Trophy

The Vanderveer Trophy

From 1961 through 1991, the most prestigious award of the Pierce-Arrow Society was the Vanderveer Trophy. The trophy was donated by Mrs. Mary B. Hecht (editor of The Arrow for many years) in memory of Mrs. Joseph E. (Marion) Vanderveer, a "Wonderful Woman and a True Pierce-Arrow Enthusiast: Oct 10, 1890 - July 29, 1960". This award was presented annually to the most authentically restored Pierce-Arrow judged at the Annual Meet. The Vanderveer Trophy was retired at the end of 1991 when the Weis Trophy was introduced. See all 30 recipients of The Vanderveer Trophy