Dual Spare Kit for Series 80 / 81 Cars

Dual Spare Kit for Series 80 / 81 Cars

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I have remaining for sale, one (1) Series 80, Dual Spare Conversion kit.

Five (5) pieces of the kit are cast silicon bronze and each seven-piece kit includes:  2-top hanging brackets, 2-bottom extension pieces that move the spare tire assembly further away from the gas tank apron and 1-bottom dual spare lock piece that attaches to the bottom of the threaded lock assembly.  The last piece holds the two rims / tires securely apart at the bottom  Finally, there are 2-threaded steel extension rods (3/8” OD) that replace the original threaded top extension rods.  They are slightly longer than the original rods for excellent fitment.

The kit moves the entire frame assembly three or four inches further away from the gas tank cover / apron, and this makes room for the second spare tire, thus keeping the top and bottom on the same plane.

These Dual Spare kits are successfully installed on ten (10) other Series 80 cars.

There is some grinding / drilling required to remove the original single-spare top hangers’ rivets (4), but after grinding / drilling out the original rivets, assembling this kit is easy and secure.  All required hardware, fasteners, etc., are included.

The kit works on both the 22-inch and the 21-inch wheel size Series 80 spare tire assembly.

For my car, I had the bronze pieces nickel-plated, however as before, each of the kits I offer are raw bronze for painting or plating.

Price is $500.00 USD, including S&H.

Any questions, contact me via email (DoctorPeter@comcast.net) or call me @ 978-270-3766 (EDT).

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