1909 Pierce-Arrow Mod 36UU “Mountain Wagon”

1909 Pierce-Arrow Mod 36UU "Mountain Wagon"

 Wanted Cars & Parts / Posted 1 month ago by Vaughn and Lynette Vartanian

WANTED: (1) Bosch DR-6 Magneto,  (3) or more George N. Pierce 36H.P. hub caps, (4) 27″ Goodrich lock rings (for a 1907 Great Arrow), (2) 25″ Goodrich rims and lock rings, (1) 36H.P. Rear Axle, One Foss Hughes eagle. Also would like a California Pre-State dash disc for 1909, a mesh front CAL Plate. Any 1909 spare items. Would like to find any information regarding the restoration and the fabrication of the wooden depot hack body. It was owned by Albert A. Hood of Carmel, Ca. who joined the PAS in 1961. The car was in the Series 63 Western Meet publication on page 5 with it’s owner Mr. Hood. Also just discovered that it was owned by Don Busha of Pacific Grove,Ca. as recorded in the Monterey Peninsula Ca. Herald March 11, 1952. He purchased the car from Jay Wigglesworth from Missouri (he was originally from Kansas).

Thanks, Vaughn Vartanian

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