1908 Pierce Factory book, have two for sale

1908 Pierce Factory book, have two for sale

 For Sale Parts / Posted 3 weeks ago by David W. Coco


This is the original hardbound 1908 factory book, great pictures and descriptions of the new factory.  Each copy has nice inner pages, one copy has some staining to cover.  Stained cover one $275, nicer cover $375.  I would prefer prepay and deliver to Hershey, but can ship if you wish for $15 Priority Mail.  It doesn’t matter, but I can tell you these are fairly hard to come by and my asking prices are less than my cost.  I firmly believe in buying high and selling low but making it up on volume.  david.coco@comcast.net

If not sold will have these and a lot of other Pierce stuff at Hershey, GBF 33-34, stop and say hi to me and/or my wife Georjean!  thanks David C.

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