Pierce-Arrow Society Advertising Gallery 

A T a time when the public demand has developed unmistakably for enclosed cars of new proportions and an even greater utility, the introduction of a complete line of Pierce~Arrow Enclosed Drive Models constitutes a notable contribution.
These new types comprise a group of four models which are offered in addition to the standard closed body cars manufactured by Pierce~Arrow.
The instantaneous approval which has greeted these advanced designs in enclosed drive cars confirms our belief that in them is combined for the first time the all~year and all~occasion utility of the closed car with the advantages of the open car.
It is questionable whether America ever has seen a more beautiful closed car. There is none of the bizarre, yet the flowing lines of these low~hung models unobtrusively impress the eye with the distinctive lure of smartness tempered with dignity. And the beauty of Pierce~Arrow enclosed car design cleverly hides a strength, rigidity and durability of construction that insure a permanence of satisfaction.
The interior presents a picture of luxury - a sensible and practical luxury. The refinement of appointments induces a singular contentment of mind.
It is in keeping with Pierce~Arrow tradition that bodies of such excellence should house the improved Dual~Valve chassis. More than 6,000 users share with us pride in its performance. Three years ago when the Dual~Valve engine was introduced by Pierce~Arrow, no car could match its power, its speed, its flexibility, its economy. Today, in its improved form, its standing in the field of American and European automobiles is unassailable.