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THE glass visor and positively adjustable windshield afford protection from the elements, or full ventilation, as desired. The slender, but sturdy, sill uprights enable maximum vision. The cowl ventilation is controlled from the dash.

Vestibule Sedan
T HE Pierce~Arrow Vestibule Sedan with its original interior arrangement is a car of double utility. It makes a practical chauffeur~driven limousine, or it readily can be converted into a seven~passenger Sedan.
A new method of placing the window at the rear of the front seat accomplishes this result. Because of the disappearing seats, designers heretofore have had to content themselves with a window which only partially lowered. Heavy side pillars likewise were used. With these obstructions the cordiality and clear spaciousness of a Sedan never were possible.
These disadvantages cleverly have been overcome in the new Pierce~Arrow Vestibule Sedan. The front seat window is set at a slight angle. When lowered it disappears beneath the sill at the top of the seat. There are no heavy pillars to interrupt the sweep of the interior lines from windshield rearward. The car is a practical touring Sedan.
As a Limousine, with the heavy French plate glass partition in position, one has complete isolation from the chauffeur's compartment. A Dictaphone provides communication with the driver. Even with the glass partition in place perfect ventilation is assured. The domelight ventilator, the door windows and the duplex rear quarter windows may be opened.
Like its companion-the Seven~Passenger Sedan - this Vestibule model has abundant power, remarkable roadability, and true riding comfort. It is characteristically Pierce~Arrow in its rich and complete appointments. As in the case of all Pierce~Arrow enclosed cars, the owner may express his individuality in his choice of upholstery and exterior finish.
Vestibule Sedan
The new type of roof ventilator is concealed cleverly by the dome light. A noteworthy advance in closed car body design is embodied in the new "soft" roof construction which eliminates annoying drumming sounds.