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An easy pull on the auxiliary door catch swings either front door open. This convenience contrasts favorably with the usual inaccessible position of door release levers. Note also that each door may be locked from outside or inside.

coupe door
T Pierce~Arrow Coupe serves a wide range of usefulness and affords the utmost of enjoyment to the owner who delights in controlling the responsive power of a Pierce~Arrow.
The easy swing of the wheel, the velvety clutch action, the smooth brakes, hold a special appeal for the woman who drives. After a shopping trip, or a run to an afternoon function, she steps from the protection of this car, confident that frock or gown is still fresh. The companionable seating arrangement invites sociability when two or three friends are present to share the pleasures of an afternoon's ride.
In the Coupe, the business or professional man finds profit and recreation. Commodious as the interior is, he has a feeling of driving a smaller car rather than a large one. On business trips or calls, or to the club or golf course, the driver, if alone, does not have the feeling of conspicuousness. Yet there is ample room for a week~end's luggage or a foursome with clubs and trappings.
The wide doors and the roominess of the body assure an ease of entrance or exit. The driver, seated somewhat forward of the rear cushion, is never hampered in his movements, and appreciates the safety of full vision in all directions. Yet there is no impression of isolation when companions are present.
Distinctly a personal car, the Pierce~Arrow Coupe lends itself to the expression of the owner's individuality. From the finest fabrics offered in the American market, one may select that which best suits his or her taste. The distinctive Pierce~Arrow appointments add the finishing touch.
Series 33 Coupe