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The rear seat of the Seven~Passenger Vestibule Sedan virtually is a luxurious lounge. Three broad cushions comfortably tilted - yielding back rests and unobtrusive arm supports invite complete relaxation.

4-Pass. Sedan
A MORE commodious, comfortable passenger carrier than the Pierce-Arrow Seven~Passenger Sedan does not exist. In serving the needs of a large family, of those who frequently entertain, of the suburban dweller, this model offers the utmost in utility.
Our designers have taken full advantage of the long wheel-base of the Pierce~Arrow, yet, in the lines of this car, there is no suggestion of awkward bulkiness.
The excess power of the Dual~Valve engine gives this Sedan all the touring ability of its open counterpart. The unrestricted vision and complete ventilation of the open model is closely approximated in the Sedan. The door windows lower to practically full length, while the new duplex windows in the rear quarters roll to within a few inches of the sill. The cowl ventilator, the dome light ventilator and the adjustable windshield likewise contribute to the airiness of the interior.
From the standpoint of ease, comfort and peace of mind, no car excels this Sedan model for touring. The new narrow pillars do not hamper vision; the driver's seat has just the right tilt. The easy controls, the arm rests, the deep, yielding cushions, the generous,sized extra seats are all appreciated on long trips. Then, too, there is the complete protection from wind or rain; silk curtains shade the sun.
No appointment has been overlooked. Vanity case, ash receiver, cigar lighter, quarter reading lamps, door pockets, add their touch to the completeness of the interior.
The extra seats, when not in use, disappear, converting the car into a spacious five-passenger Sedan with an unusual area of floor space for luggage. For extended trips, the sturdy outside rear rack holds a sizeable trunk.
7-Passenger Sedan