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It long has been the aim of designers to obtain narrow sill uprights without sacrificing strength and rigidity. This has been accomplished in the new Pierce-Arrow models. This view also shows the pleasing sweep of the straightened cowl lines.

4-Pass. Sedan
T HE new Four-Door, Four-Passenger Pierce-Arrow Sedan is of a design which greatly widens the recognized utility of this type of closed body. Its trim and graceful lines are deceptive, for the car actually is far roomier than the eye suggests. Once seated in this comfortable car the illusion is apparent. Here is room for a touring party of four with light luggage; indeed the rear cushion is of a width that permits a child to sit comfortably between two adults.
Its adaptability makes this Sedan truly an all purpose car. For formal or informal occasion it is equally suitable. The owner-driver likewise finds this model presents all the attractions of an open four-passenger touring car with the added advantages of quick and complete protection if surprised by sudden storms. The wind and water-tight windows may be raised easily and quickly.
With the Pierce-Arrow Sedan, the woman driver finds a trip to the shopping district a pleasure and not a dread. In traffic the gears rarely need be shifted, so flexible is the Dual-Valve engine; gentleness of control and the ease with which the car is maneuvered, rob driving of fatigue or nervous strain.
The four doors give easy access to the car. A new and simple type of door lock quickly seals the car from prowlers if valuables are left inside while the car is at the curb. In this, as in the other Enclosed Drive models, the "soft" roof construction eliminates all drumming sounds.
Perfect cushioning rests the rider. Rich fabrics, tailored with the Pierce-Arrow two-cushion effect over deep springs, packed with white curled hair, insure a comfort that will endure throughout the life of the car.
4-Passenger Sedan