Pierce-Arrow Society Annual Meet 

Rendevous at Redmond
Pierce-Arrow Society 49th Annual Meet
Redmond, Oregon
August 1-6, 2006
Submitted by David Tyminski

We had the pleasure of enjoying the Eagle Crest Resort accommodations outside Redmond, Oregon, visiting with our Pierce-Arrow family and observing the vehicles that were displayed during August 1 – 6. Many people observed the “high desert” on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, while traveling on tours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At an altitude of 3180 feet with abundant daily sunshine, the bottled water always available in the hospitality room was welcome. Pat and I spent some extra time in the area, after the meet, to visit Crater Lake, Oregon, Mt. St. Helens, Washington, and Friday Harbor of San Juan Island.

2006 Meet Committee
Al Abrahamson
Bunny and Lou Berquest
George Burnside
Fay Butler
Luther Gentry
Bettye Gluth
Paul Johnson
Bob & Diane Koch
Bob & Carol Lind
Betty & Bill McKinney
Paul Morris
Lydia & Paul Murray
Vona Pease
Eric Rosenau
Heidi Sandvik
Wendall Shoberg
Phil & Patti Grisham
Glen Campbell

Meet chairman Paul Johnson and his committee of PAS members did a marvelous job of planning and execution for this meet. Thank you for a job well done. In addition to the PAS members, Boy Scout 27 Troop from Redmond provided security around the cars at the hotel.

The meet participants represented 29 of the United States, 3 provinces of Canada and the country of Spain – Miguel & Denise Garcia-Contreras attended their 6th Annual Meet. Francis Owen attended, who delivered cars for a Pierce-Arrow agency when the cars were new, and recently achieved a milestone his 95th anniversary of his birth and he’s still dancing and telling stories.

Wednesday, there was the early bird tour to Prineville, Smith Rock State Park and Peter Skene Ogden View Point.

Thursday’s tour took us through Sisters and McKenzie Pass enroute to Belknap Springs for a catered lunch. Riding in Eric and Molly Rosenau’s 1938 1803 Limousine, following Ernie Follis’s 1929 133 Roadster we could see fir trees for as far the horizon and observed both evidence of the fire damage of the recent past and the lava fields of a far more distance past. On the long downhill or uphill stretches of road the coolant temperatures would change, but with only a few exceptions the Pierce-Arrows soldiered on magnificently. When we reached Belknap Springs, the spring water was running briskly by, the flora of the different flower gardens was abundant, and our meal was delicious. Many stopped and explored the shops in Sisters, on the return trip to Eagle Crest Resort (the ice cream stand was popular).

Friday we traveled to the High Desert Museum south of Bend. We learned about the people, desert wildlife and habit and activities of this region. There was a unique collection of Indian clothing, head dresses of chiefs and the beautiful beadwork. There was colorful coordinated clothing displayed or used in competition at a rodeo. We observed traditional Indian tipis on display and the steam powered saw mill. The lumber that was generated there was being used to assemble a barn that was taking shape. We enjoyed watching a demonstration of Birds of Prey; hawks, eagles and owls that had been previously hurt in the wild and are being cared for and raised now in captivity and on display at the museum. There were presentations in scenes of native area Indian living situations, ranch housing and the dark pallid conditions and sounds of the interior of a mine shaft operation. After our museum experience we returned to Bend to probe the historical district of this town. Upon returning to Eagle Crest there was an opportunity to wash the Pierce-Arrows for the show the next day and a Classic Couture Seminar and Tea was held to help assemble an outfit that would coordinate with the Pierce-Arrow cars we enjoy driving.

The evening’s entertainment was the flea market which was divided between the guys looking for parts, literature and memorabilia and our ladies looking at the classic period dress wear and accessories that were available. If you snooze you loose, or that is what some believe when looking at parts. There were instrument panels, literature and emblems that identified the year for California license plates.

Saturday was the Pierce-Arrow Society’s Car Show, and judging event for those few car owners that wanted their cars judged. The cars were divided into two classes: cars produced before 1929 and those produced from 1929 to 1938. In abundant sunshine, the cars were displayed in ascending order by year on the grass adjacent to a golf course of the Eagle Crest Resort. The two 3-man judging teams assessed the attributes of the cars in each of the classes.

There was a contrast between the earliest vehicles on display, a 1904 Stanhope and an 1897 ladies chain drive bicycle, with some people that visited riding Segway people movers. We also were able to observe examples of the 3 sizes of Pierce-Arrow Travelodges that Pierce-Arrow produced in 1937. I have looked over one Travelodge at a time at previous meets, but never had the opportunity to look inside these recreational vehicles of yesteryear lined up side by side. Our thanks to George Teebay (two-tone blue Model A), Ken Ness (polished aluminum Model B) Robert Stucky (cream Model B), and John Puliz (silver painted Model C), for bringing these Travelodges to the meet.

Looking at the vehicles on display, I enjoyed the gleam and flash of Vaughn Vartanian’s red 1909 48-SS 7 passenger touring; Pat Craig’s maintained green 1918 66-A-4 4 passenger roadster with its big, long stroke engine; Faylon Brunemeier’s 1933 two-tone green 1236 convertible coupe with its matching body style, George Teebay’s production 1934 Silver Arrow with its beautiful shape and original understated interior upholstery, and Paul Johnson’s black 1935 845 7 passenger sedan, voted Best Original Pierce-Arrow at the meet.

The afternoon’s technical seminar was presented by the Pierce-Arrow Society’s new Head Judge, Fay Butler. Fay described the Evolution of the Early Automobile and how that influenced the shape and function of Pierce automobiles through 1912. The audio and visual presentation was very thoughtful and delivered by an expert. When Fay talks, we listen. Thanks Fay.

The last gathering during the meet was the banquet, with a brief business meeting and car show judging results. Henry May extended an invitation to all Pierce-Arrow Society members to attend the 2007 Annual Meet in Williamstown, Massachusetts. We enjoyed the meal and are thankful that we can join in the celebration of Pierce-Arrow automobiles.

49th Annual Meet Award Winners 

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Bernard J. Weis Trophy
Most Authentic Restoration
Bernard J. Weis Trophy
1929 Model 133 Roadster
Ernest & Clara Follis
R. Vale Faro Trophy
Most Original Pierce-Arrow
R. Vale Faro Trophy
1935 Model 845 7-Pass. Sedan
H. Paul Johnson, Jr.
Henry E. & Pauline S. Becker Trophy
Longest Distance Pierce-Arrow Driven to Meet
Henry E. & Pauline S. Becker Trophy
1925 Series 80 Runabout
Luther & Alexia Gentry
Belmont, California
Otto Klausmeyer Distinguished Service Award
Distinguished Service to the Pierce-Arrow Society
Otto Klausmeyer Distinguished Service Award
Bettye Gluth
Bicycle Class
Ladies Chain Drive
Henry & Joan May
Class 1 1901 - 1928
1925 Series 80
Luther & Alexia Gentry
1920 Series 31
7-Pass. Touring
AL & Linda Abrahamson
1909 48-SS
7-Pass. Touring
Vaughn & Lynette Vartanian
Class 2 1929 -1938
1933 Model 1236
5-Pass. Sedan
Richard & Janet Lange
1934 Model 840A
Silver Arrow
George & Carol Teebay
1929 Model 133
7-Pass. Sedan
Paul & Diane Shager